Burns Night Poem

Burns Night Poem

Tuesday morning,
Wonder where the week went?
Dropped half a months rent,
Well spent. Not yet.
Still got a night left
Hibernate, weathers wet
Don’t hide, not yet –
Unless it’s in a basement.

The years just started,
This is the first party
No good reason missin’
Haggis, neaps and tatties

Unless you hide with the best of them
Missing colours in the spectrum
A low ceiling laser show
Burnin’ in your cranium
Burns like the best of them
Burns night’s beckoning
Watch a promo whisky
Cure the thirst of a nation

A quarter of a century
Knocked off infinity
If you wanna blaze a snout
We’ll pay for the penalty

Don’t need a later licence
Don’t need a guest fay Italy
Don’t need another reason
Cause we pack em in intensively

For the hero of a country
Changing lives with poetry
Who the fuck really thinks
Thatcher needs another holiday?
No me, no need.
Reward love, not greed
99 reasons
We’re holding on to free speech

The kind that makes week knees
The kind that makes the roof week
The kind that moves instead of speaks,
The kinda music we can breathe.


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