Due to government crackdowns
It’s too difficult to get the correct chemicals required to make safe ecstasy
And the Para-Methoxyamphetamine scene is really dying on its arse lately
That’s one of the substitutes in shit pills that can kill ye
It’s not MDMA, the key ingredient in ecstasy
Para-Methoxyamphetamine makes your temperature rise, rapidly.
It doesn’t produce a euphoric effect
You need a massive fucking dose
Crammed right down fucking your neck
Slow acting at the start so they often take it again
Having one, then another is a common misconception
Agitation, confusion and convulsions
Been known to lead to heart attacks
And death if you don’t stop em’
Have I got your medical attention?

Take the production line out of the hands of idiotic delinquents
Who think a Rolex is somehow still culturally fucking relevant.
The best pills now are stamped with big brands
No-one eats Mitsubishi’s or love heart shaped sweets
They want Facebooks and Sponge Bobs and Dr. Dre Beats.
He might make fucking shite headphones
But his ectos are sweet.

Don’t Eat the Green Swedge

Ever kept a pill because you thought the stamp was cool?
Ecstasy’s culture you can’t talk about in schools
Even though this education could save lives
With this education Leah Betts would have survived
She drank 7 litres, 90 minutes, 1995.
No one ever said one pint an hour is more than enough
Don’t leave your friends once you’ve got inside the club
No one ever told her the truth
Just made her terrified so she’d avoid it
Then used her death to terrify the next generation
How’s that working out for ya?
Water under the bridge
Water boarding kids
Decoded message from Betts
The governments fucking dangerous
But the blames not on MP’s for lack of action,
They told her Ecstasy dehydrates you and it fucking does dammit.
Why haven’t they been branded as bad, fucked or evil?How many more can the government kill
Before they make this non-addictive substance legal? 

Don’t Eat the Green Swedge

Just one pill could kill you, even the first one
But the boys don’t believe you cos they’re eating fucking loads of them
Kids aren’t stupid, no wonder they don’t trust you
Mixed messages make messages a little fucking see through
Drugs are bad
All drugs have horrible negative side effects
Drugs should not be taken under any circumstances
(not including caffeine, alcohol and tobacco)
Drugs are the devil.

Don’t Eat the Green Swedge

The Daily Mail thinks kids
“Have a far to laid back attitude towards party drugs
Like ketamine and MDMA,
Not realising how dangerous those party drugs can be.”
Well you should probably stop calling them party drugs then, shouldn’t you?
You fucking idiots.
But the blames not on the Daily Mail
Cos they’ve informed the public
That large amounts of drugs can be dangerous
That’s another tally on the lives saved today list
Don’t Eat the Green Swedge

Have I made you fucking terrified yet?

Don’t Eat the Green Swedge

And as always I am open to suggestions
Can you think of a better way to fix the problem?
It’s a part of our culture; you won’t stop them taking them
Scare tactics pop up after media attention?
Being condescending to young adults is totally out of the question 

But Don’t Eat the Greeeen Swedge

How can you test that what you’re eating is really what you’re eating?
We need to do something soon because people are dying
They’ve been dying for the last 30 years
And we’ve still not changed our tactics
The powers in the hands of the dance floor bandits

Think of all the things laws brings with them
Quality control with government regulations
Some statistics and data on the rates of consumption
Scientific study and with limits and then age restriction
Then tax it and use the money for drug education
You can stop scaring people, because it’s not fucking working
Eliminate the opportunity for criminal intervention
Not even touching on the organised drug mule and trafficking system
Different strength tablets depending on the person
A non-addictive alternative to the alcohol problem
To many fucking advantages to list them

Without the bullets this gun isn’t lethal
Time to make this non-addictive substance legal.



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