Lean back, bend your knees
Listen to him, do what he says
Better lose your pride cos you can’t stand tall
Nothing but the dance floor to break your fall

Glass machine
Filled then empty

First time round, things are going easy
One small stack of glasses and a torch so you can see
I can’t believe that guy, he’s too drunk already
But its just past 12, starts to get busy

Glass machine
Filled then empty

Second time round starts getting heavy
How the fuck has the bar nearly ran out already
Mops in the cupboard, he’s got the key Into the toilet and clean up the whitey

Glass machine
Filled then empty

Broken Glass on the floor that’s your responsibility
Calm down man I didn’t mean to knock ye
And I wouldn’t be standing here if you could handle the challenge
Of not acting like a cunt who’s got two left hands

Glass machine
Filled then empty

Why don’t you just put it on the table?
Or on the end of the bar? In fact better still
Just don’t drop them on the floor then drunkenly dance around me
Yes that was my face that just connected with your knee

Glass machine
Filled then empty

Third time round, gets a little crazy
But I’m ignoring the things that are starting to get to me
Like that strobe light that makes it impossible to see!
Shouldn’t that be health and safety? Why the fuck are they even in here?!

Glass machine
Filled then empty

Don’t forget the back bar singles are going steady
Two empty pints with ice they’re for the DJ
I wish these student pricks would just stop drinking already
Why the fuck are the booze only 1.50 on a Tuesday?!

Glass machine
Filled then empty

But the best advantage is that time passes quickly
It’s quieting down the nights nearly all ended
We’ve sold all the drunks drinks now the drinks have been drunk
But it’s been some fucking job picking them up
Listening to techno and watching students take ecstasy
I’ll get home at half 4 and sleep like a baby

Glass machine
Emptied it’s over.

But even with heat and the noise and the pressure
I’m telling you still it’s a thousand times better
Than working in a call centre, for House of Fraser.


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