Don’t Try

Good writing should take it out you
It doesn’t flow
It drools like cum out an old mans mouth
Sit down you stupid cunt
Stop looking in the mirror
Stop googling a pristine replica of a 1970’s typewriter
You are googling a typewriter on a fucking typewriter
You have everything you need
If you never move again
If you sit in that seat with a paper and pencil
If you spend the rest of your life on the circle line
An infinity loop that’s never crossed
Until you die.
Writers block is for cunts and halfwits
Have you ever considered that you’re just shit?

Well so am I.
So is everyone.
There are no geniuses,
There is no god.

There’s no divine lightning bolt
You’re gonna wait for that?
Why don’t you get out in the rain
And fly a kite then you dumb cunt?
Cause that’s not the Key
That’s just a waste of your precious time
We’ll all be dead soon
90% of your material will be will be worthless
If you don’t throw 90% of your material in the fire
Then at least then you’ll be warm

It sure as fuck won’t pay for the lecky
And I wouldn’t fucking ask it to.


Fuck That

Your girl’s class
Not like this bitch
Lying beside me
Your girls got a wide back
Your girls got all that surgery
Your girl comes with soft hair
Your girl comes without
Your girl comes in every colour
Your girl comes any time you fucking want it
I used to be a feminist
But what’s in it for me?

Your girls got bunny ears
Your girls got sex 
Your girl goes the way you want it
The way every cunt wants it
Your girls young
Your girls joy
Your girls not sophisticated
Your girls simple
Your girls next door
Your girls gone home
Your girls blown her brains out willingly
Your girls empty 
Your girls hollow
Your girls got the wrong number of opinions
And the right number of holes 
Your girls broken her back from bending double
Your girl don’t walk so good no more
Your girls gonna hold the pose
Your girls position is prone 
Your girls the latest model 
Your girls plastic
Your girls cellophane 
Your girls forced
Your girls running for the mould
Your girl runs nothing 
Your girls gotta stay away from open flames 
Your girl stays out the cupboards and in the gym
Your girls looked through like a sticky magazine
Your girl gets rapped round sandwiches and old soup

“She is naked, 
well washed with soap and water,
and she is happy”